Weekly Question 5

Describe your character’s first impression of each of the other two PC’s. You can try using some of these questions if you like: Did you like them at first? Did they remind you of someone else? Could you imagine going out on an adventure with them? Etc…

Darwin’s Answer

The Druid Elf: My first impression of her was of a hippie druid. She reminds me my most naïve customers. After the death of the dwarf I think that going to adventure with her will be short and end badly. But on the other hand – her no concept of money can be good for business.

The brain washed Half-Elf: At first I thought that he is a pompous magician. Now I think that he is a powerful battle magician, and I am a bit scared with all the illusions that he casts. With his power and knowledge I think he is an asset to the party.

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Weekly Question 5

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