Ornak's Freedom

Field Notes: Briahanna Battleshield

9 bells, morning – woke up. Prayed to Clangeddin to keep my warhammer ready and grant me his powers for the day. Searched Darwin‘s stuff. He complained. Gave my word not to search him again, if he gave his word that he wouldn’t take my stuff. He avoided promising anything, so I’ll still keep an eye on him. It’s not that I have anything valuable, it’s just that he’s an orc and a thief and I don’t trust him. He has proven himself useful, though, so I will let him be for the time being.
10 bells, morning – set off on horses. I hate riding on horses – walking is more comfortable and dignified.
11 bells, morning – had best meal yet. Was small but good. Ate part of Darwin’s share – he didn’t want it.
Noon – soldiers everywhere. Sloppy setup and marching. Would never stand back home. Trying hard not to think of home.
9 bells, morning – can’t stand riding on this silly beast any more. Soldiers deserve a slap on the back of their heads and 10 hours1 at least.
1 bell,afternoon – finally reached the Toe of God. Was expecting not to be impressed, but it is a genuine wonder. Very magical (although not divine), very well-crafted – a true wonder of the world.
Fool of an officer entirely believed my “tunnel experts” ruse. Not surprising, considering the state of this army. The soldiers that met us had two armour buckles undone, and boots dirty with days old mud. Never fly back home. Trying very hard not to think of home.

1 Punishment in the dwarven army is often dished in hours of marching to and fro in full battle gear.


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