House Rules

White Points

The group starts out with a pool of 40 white points which they can use to reroll certain critical rolls. Only one white point is allowed to be used per roll. The highest of the two rolls is taken. The points will be replenished, but at a very slow pace, and at the DM’s discretion.

Weekly Question

Each week the players will be asked to answer a question that one of the other players or the DM sets. The question will help develop their PC, and will allow the other players to get to know each other’s PCs better. At times the DM may answer as one of his NPCs.
Everyone must answer the question by the next session, but you don’t have to publish the answer to all the players – you can send the answer to the DM only.

Session Recap

At the beginning of each session one of the players will be asked by the DM to recap the events of last session, in the character of his PC.

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House Rules

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